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The only NFT controlled, member only club in the metaverse

We are Club 90nine

Club 90nine aims to have member only locations and experiences across a range of  Metaverse Projects. We have plans to eventually have properties in the all of the biggest Metaverses such as , Decentraland, Somnium Space, Cryptovoxels and The Sandbox. Depending on how these projects develop we hope to build features such as exclusive member locations, games and much more

The money from memberships will used by Club 90nine to aquire virtual land within the metaverse (Decentaland, Somnium Space, Cryptovoxels & The Sandbox) and then develop that land for club member

The main community hub of Club 90nine, the private discord community will contain multiple servers (rooms) where members are free to discuss share any topics they please with their fellow club members. The official Club 90nine website will contain a publicly viewable list of members who have decided to reveal either their identity or an alias. On this list members will be able to place a link along with a little information about themselves (You don’t by any means have to provide your identity or an alias, its just there if you want to)

In the future we hope to included more features and developments, perhaps eventually even, in-person events for those members who wish to do so. At this stage though we will be focusing on the main club features mentioned above

Club Locations

MetaverseLocationOwnerStatusPotential Uses
The Sandbox53,18Club 90nineUndevelopedGame/Experience
Decentraland'Club 90nine'Club 90nineUndeveloped Unknown
Cryptovoxels105 Ceres Tower AClub 90nineUndeveloped Member Suggestions Wanted
Cryptovoxels2 Fearless DivideClub Member*Under constructionAdult Themed Location
Cryptovoxels2 Bells GatewayClub Member*Under constructionClub Location
Cryptovoxels10 Key AlleyClub Member*Under ConstructionUnknown
DecentralandThe ArcadeClub Member*Undeveloped Unknown

Future Locations

MetaverseLocationOwnerStatusPotential Uses
Somnium SpaceUnknownClub 90nineAfter Batch 5Unknown
Member Owned Locations Unknown Club Member*FutureUnknown

*Club member owned locations are subject to change or be revoked at the discretion of the respective owner

Full Transparency 

The virtual land and finances of Club 90nine can be checked by anyone by using an Ethereum blockchain explorer such as ‘EtherScan‘ and inputting the Club 90nine wallet address or by looking at the ‘OpenSea‘ account

Wallet Address 


Membership Tokens

Membership to the club is govern by a fully transferable NFT (non-fungible token). If you hold one of these ‘Membership Tokens’ then you can become a member and gain access to the club. However a maximum of 99 of these tokens will ever be created, this generates the exclusive nature of Club 90nine 

The 99 ‘Membership Tokens’ will be created in batches, once a complete batch has sold out, a new batch will be created, however each corresponding batch will increase in price by 25%. This price increase is two reward members who decide to join the club early on 

Once Club 90nine have created and sold all 99 memberships, no more will ever be created. After this the price of new membership will be decided by what the current members demand for their ‘Membership Token’ on the open market. Buying a current members token will be the only way for people to join Club 90nine from that point on 

Club 90nine will retain 9 out of the 99 memberships, 3 of these will be used as administrative purposes and 6 will be used for promotional purposes, such as in giveaway’s and for competitions

Batch Infomation

Batch (member #)Membership CostStatus
1 (1-10)0.1 ethSOLD OUT
2 (11-25)0.125 ethSOLD OUT
3 (26-45)0.156 ethSOLD OUT
4 (46-700.195 ethSOLD OUT
5 (71-90)0.253 ethAVAILABLE NOW
6 (91-99)N/AN/A

How we will use the money

 100% (minus fees) of money from memberships fees will be used to buy virtual land in various metaverse projects, as well as for the development of that land. We will then allow members of Club 90nine exclusive access to these locations (as long as the platform features such exclusivity options)

Having already secured land in ‘The SandBox’ and ‘Cryptovoxels”, our aim to purchase next piece of land in the metaverse at the end of Batch 4

Lands owned by Club 90nine

Currently Club 90nine owns a parcel of land within ‘The Sandbox’ platform (53,18). and a plot within ‘Cryptovoxels’ These will be developed as the projects grow and funds allow 

We are currently engaging with talks to secure other plots of land within ‘Decentraland’ and ‘Somnium Space’. This will allow Club 90nine to lock in prices to counter any future increases in land value with in the platforms as well as to make the project more appealing to potential members

Please note, Club 90nine is not affiliated or endorsed by the projects mentioned above


After BatchMilestoneStatus
1 Purchase land in 'The Sandbox'Complete
2 Purchase land in 'Cryptovoxels'Complete
3 N/AComplete
4 Purchase land in 'Decentraland'Complete
5Purchase land in 'Somnium Space'In Progress

Becoming a member

To become a member you need to own a Club 90nine Membership Token, these are NFTs that are sold on the worlds largest P2P marketplace OpenSea. Once you have purchased a Membership Token, you simply need to contact us via Discord, and once we have verified you do indeed hold a token in your OpenSea account, we will send you instructions, including everything you need to access Club 90Nine

Selling & Transferring Membership

At any point a member can transfer or attempt to sell the Membership Token to another person. To do this you will need to list the Token on OpenSea. Once the Token has changed hands and the new owner contacts us, we will then revoke your access rights and grant them to the new member

The operators of Club 90nine will receive a 2.5% fee when selling/transferring your membership through OpenSea, this is to cover the management fees involved as well as other costs such as website hosting

Club Rules

1. Users (members) must have a Discord account in order to redeem their membership

2. Users must be willing to temporarily add a sting of numbers to their username on OpenSea. This is to confirm they are who they say they are on OpenSea (this is seamless and can be changed straight back once confirmed)

3. Users must not post, discuss, or share illegal content anywhere that is affiliated with Club 90nine

4. Users must not be disrespectful, harmful, or offensive to other users

5. Users must not share their membership privileges with non-members

If any off these rules are breached your access will be revoked, however you will still retain your token and will be able to transfer the membership to someone else if you decide to

Disclaimer & Terms

By purchasing a Membership Token to, Club 90nine you agree that:

1. You are purchasing a membership to an online community, and the features it develops for that community

2. You agree to the rules listed above and accept that if you break the rules, your access rights will be revoked

3. You are aware that some of the features mentioned above are planned feature’s for the future and depending on how things develop may not turn out exactly as stated

4. You understand that being a member does not make you the owner of any property owned by Club 90nine

5. You understand that this is a membership to a club and NOT ownership of that club


The details listed above are subject to change slightly as the project develops and we finalise details

11th May: Changed the way the batches works, so as well as the price increasing by 25% each batch, the amount in a batch of Tokens released per batch also increases by 5 (this is to help with demand)

24th May: The members decided (via website poll) to move the purchases of the ‘Decentraland’ plot  forward to after ‘Batch 4’ in order to purchase double plot rather than a single 

Batch 1, 2, 3 & 4

Batch 5

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